All about Liv Klassen

Hello! I’m Liv Klassen and I’m currently a junior studying Magazine and Brand Media at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

The classes that I enjoy taking often pose a challenge to the way that I’ve been thinking or teach me how to use programs that I have had an interest in learning, but not a whole lot of time to learn, like Photoshop or InDesign. Most recently, my studies have taken me to London for a January- term class about theatre and history!

Liv smiling outside of Westminster Abbey
Liv outside of Westminster Abbey

I currently serve as a Resident Assistant for Drake University’s Office of Residence Life and for the 2023-2024 academic year, I will serve as an Area Residence Hall Coordinator in Campus Suites. Being an RA has been a fun experience that has taught me a lot about myself and how to best help people in need or in times of crisis. The role of a RA is an incredibly communication-heavy role that has improved my skills greatly.

I work for Drake’s Student Newspaper, The Times Delphic, as the Photo Editor. I have worked for the TD for three years, starting as a writer in my first year of college, moving to the photography and creative department side of the newspaper for my sophomore year, and finally taking the Photo Editor position this year, as well as writing when it a section needs extra love.

Outside of the academic world, I can usually be spotted hanging out with my friends around campus, I also enjoy hammocking and enjoying the outdoors, frequenting Starbucks or local coffee shops, and thrifting.

Liv in a hammock on a hiking trip

My love of the outdoors has had an incredible influence on my career choice, as I would love to work as a media professional for the National Parks Service. To satiate my hunger for the outdoors, I go camping quite a bit in the summer, sometimes with my brother’s boy scout troop. I have worked as a Girl Scout camp counselor, where I served as a lifeguard. That’s why when it’s nice enough that I can enjoy it, I can always be found outside.

I also take great pride in my lifeguarding certification, which I worked incredibly hard to earn. I did a lot of the work for this certification at Camp Tanglefoot, which is a beautiful camp (pictured below)

The sun setting over the choppy water of Camp Tanglefoot in Clear Lake, Iowa.

I bring the outside inside with many houseplants! Keeping common and rare houseplants is a hobby of mine that I enjoy dearly. I have a particular fondness for anything that comes from the monstera plant genome. I have three of them, one of which is a prize-winning monstera deliciosa.

Also, I’ve sung in the Drake choir for two years, it’s one of my favorite organizations that I am a part of on campus! Getting to perform with such a wonderful group of people has been a really enjoyable experience. In addition to the Drake Choir, I also have classical music musical theatre, and Opera vocal training. I usually sing Mezzo Soprano, but in the Drake Choir, I sing alto.