Liv Klassen

  • Small things I appreciate

    Small things I appreciate

    Sunday mornings:  I appreciate Sunday mornings more the older I get. I can spend them laying around, getting coffee with my significant other, doing homework […]


  • Behind the Blood

    After a budget fiasco, which you can read the full rundown here, the staff of The Times Delphic felt a little…. stabbed in the back. […]


  • LEGO Love with Liv

    (as originally published in The Times Delphic) Legos, horrible to step on in the middle of the night, but wonderful for the burnt-out gifted kid […]


  • Ranking Hockey Mascots With Liv.

    (as originally published in The Times Delphic) I’ve been a hockey game enjoyer since my middle school choir sang the national anthem at an Iowa […]