Behind the Blood

After a budget fiasco, which you can read the full rundown here, the staff of The Times Delphic felt a little…. stabbed in the back.

A stack of News Papers that have been stabbed and are bleeding out
“What’s black, white, and bled all over? The Times Delphic, after the last year. Photo by Liv Klassen.

Originally intended to be the Relays Edition cover photo, the editor-in-chief asked for a photo that would convey the feeling that a majority of The Times Delphic staff was feeling. you can view this photo above 

So I stabbed 132 old editions that we had laying around and mixed paint, water and dish soap until it had a similar consistency to blood.

I taped a piece of butcher paper to the wall of my dorm room, and splattered the “blood” on the paper, which was acting like a backdrop. I then placed the stack of stabbed papers, poured the “blood” into the “wound” and let it naturally spill over. 

To create harsh lighting, I used one bright piano lamp as my key light. I experimented with covering my dorm overhead light with paper to help balance it and use it as the fill light, but in the end, I was the most satisfied with the results of using my one key light.

Earlier, you may recall I said that this photo was intended to be the relays edition cover photo, after a staff debate and some fear of administration retaliation, it was moved to the commentary section editorial. While I was unhappy about this change, I am thankful that it was still published. 

I’m so incredibly proud of these photos, and the work I produced with materials laying around my room, so here’s a gallery, to give you the full scope of this work of art.

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