Small things I appreciate

Sunday mornings: 

I appreciate Sunday mornings more the older I get. I can spend them laying around, getting coffee with my significant other, doing homework or tending to my plants. I can actually do a fair amount of those things in the entirety of the day, but mornings hold a special place in my heart. The sun rising in the morning feels like a new start to the week that I adore. 

Warmer temperatures: 

I know a lot of people appreciated this, but I absolutely adored the upper 70’s weather that blessed us a few weeks ago. It really made me miss seeing campus being alive with people. I think that so often, we can forget that winter does come to an end (especially in Iowa, with it coming back every 3 days) but when spring comes around, it’s nice to see everyone coming out of their dorms and soaking up the sun. 

Brie and Baguette: 

Snackies! By Liv Klassen

Something about this combo makes me really really happy. It makes me feel like a fancy adult, eating fancy cheese and a baguette as a little treat or snack. It’s also a nice introduction into fine cheeses, since brie usually comes in a spreadable form. A little protip, taking off the wax on the outside is easier and saves you cheese if you cut closely to the outside, so there’s less cheese waste. 

Planting veggies and herbs: 

I’ve really enjoyed watching these little sprouts grow from dirt. It has brought me nothing but joy. I feel really proud of myself for growing food from seeds, and surprisingly enough, when I pick a little leaf off of the sprouts, it tastes like the cilantro, basil, or whatever I’ve planted. I especially like the fact that I can grow food in my dorm room.

My hammock:

The warm weather has brought my hammock (and myself) out of hibernation. I’ve grown to have a newfound appreciation for sitting still and letting myself do… nothing. I think that it’s a practice that’s been lost in the busy work life of the average American. I have like six jobs. Being able to take the time to sit and just enjoy my time and do nothing is magical. 

The DART bus:

Okay, now don’t get me wrong it’s NOTHING compared to larger cities like New York and London, but the DART bus is FREE for Drake students. All you have to do is show your ID. I love public transportation <3

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