Liv’s Monthly Favorites

This is a list of things that I enjoyed doing in March! This page will be changed almost every month so that you can keep up with the things I like 🙂 

Food and Drinks:

Drinking matcha:

There is something about a green drink that makes me feel like the ultimate girl boss! My favorite Matcha recipe is a venti iced matcha latte with oat milk and brown sugar syrup from Starbucks! You could spot me chugging these on the daily for a burst of energy and happiness. 

This Green beer from Big Grove Brewery: 

Since I was 21, I went out for my first St. Patrick’s Day! It was also March madness, so I got to enjoy the green beer and watch the Drake Men’s team play with my friends. Big Grove also had these REALLY good Brussel sprouts that were AMAZING!

Home Decor:

These planters from the Dollar Tree:

I’ve started growing herbs for my summer apartment, and these stackable dollar tree planters are so space efficient and helpful! I can stack and unstack them when I’m watering my plants, they have drainage holes, and I can put similar herbs in the same trio. I think these would be perfect for anyone trying to grow food in their dorms or in tight spaces.

While we’re on the topic of the dollar tree, I have a whole article about it here (link) 

These glow in the dark blankets from the At Home Decor store:

I love these blankets! They’re so soft and fuzzy, but they’re not too hot for the warmer temperatures. My mother got them for her nieces and I got some for myself! They add a fun pop of color to my dorm room, and the dinosaur ones are too cute! 

This adorable mug my friend got me:

My friend got me this mushroom mug for my birthday and it is just. too. Cute. I can’t bring myself to use it for coffee, but I use it for candy storage on my desk. I know mushroom decor is really in right now, but this is a mug I’m taking to my grave.


The Dollar Tree:

As a stereotypical broke college student preparing to move into an apartment, Dollar Tree has become a staple store. They have everything! Cleaning chemicals, cute decor, food, brooms, mops, shower curtains and so much more! I love Dollar Tree and will continue to give them my money


I love the thrift! I can usually find some professional wear or nicer clothes for cheap. Something that’s upsetting me is that Goodwill is starting to make it a little harder to find fancy name brands because of their goodwill outlet, but overall I love and support the thrift.